Video Walls

"Corporate-standard displays for offices, events, and retail needs."

TV Screens

The Benefits

  • More cost-effective than manufacturing one large screen

  • Easily seen from afar with its width and height

  • Can be interactive (QR codes, touchscreen, etc. etc.)

  • Hassle-free changing of content via uploading

  • Higher engagement with option of using videos and not just pictures

  • Size of the "wall" can be big or small depending on how many displays used

  • When not used together, the displays can be used to show different things simultaneously 

Unlike household televisions, video walls make use of displays that are meant to be used for businesses are built for performance. Armed with increased brightness, any advertisements or videos will be able to be seen from afar at a maintained HD quality. There are various uses and options of display when using these displays. For example, split-screen can be set up to be show one advertisement/channel fullscreen, or you may choose a few channels and uploads to be shown at the same time.

Another example of a more widely-known usage of digital displays is through video walls. Video walls are a combination of displays placed closely together to resemble a wall, each playing a segment of one whole advertisement. Thus, forming one huge display. Video walls are extremely popular at shopping malls where its main purpose is to be seen from afar, attracting anybody passing by. As such, they are gaining popularity quickly due to their efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The possibilities are almost endless as they have various usages in marketing as well, aiding in increasing the interaction with the target audience.

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