Video Editing

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"Further engage your target audience with videos."

Besides posters and photos, videos are also a great way to attract the attention of the general public. As videos are more interactive and showcase movement, the human eye is naturally more drawn to it compared to something which is non-mobile. At Prisma, we enjoy video editing and all the processes that go into producing an eye-catching video.

As the industry shifts from posters to digital signages, videos are ways in which companies are looking more into to increase the engagement rates of their content and campaigns. Not only can videos be used for advertisements, but they are also useful in company introductions, or creating more "free" content (playful). Videos are also being used in showcasing multiple pictures at once through slideshows, it all just depends on each company's needs and preferences.

Stop Motion Photography

A method widely used in creative videos and animation worldwide, stop motion photography is a technique used to breathe life into inanimate objects. Most of us may know of stop motion as the technique used in clay animation films, whereby the illusion of synonymous movement is created by manually altering the movement of each object frame by frame, followed by stitching all those frames together to create a whole new production of its own.

At Prisma, we enjoy using stop motion as one of our many creative outlets as it is an extremely versatile method with endless possibilities. Using state-of-the-art applications such as the Adobe series and Final Cut Pro just to name a few, you can be rest assured of the quality in the work produced. An example of a different variation of stop motion would be showcasing objects "popping up" into their frames individually instead of having a seamless movement. By doing so, it helps create a different type of visual impact on different target audiences which can be integrated into almost any type of content/advertisements be it for corporate or commercial use.

Time-Lapse Videography

Another popular technique, time-lapse can either be done via video or in pictorial sequences taken in multiple frames. In a still time-lapse, similar to stop motion, the most important factor of time-lapse is to have the camera be as still as possible so the same frame is always captured as if it does not move. Thus, leaving the motion only to the subject such as in this (above) case, the clouds. However, time-lapse can also done without incorporating stillness. Commonly used in travel vlogs (video logs), time-lapse shows a journey taken by the person behind the camera - easily compiling great distances and a long day into a much shorter video.

Equipped with the appropriate tools and softwares to ensure a successful time-lapse, we incorporate this technique into our clients' videos when tasked with providing footage of the construction of their new buildings, carparks, etc. etc. Time-lapse is also used to mark specific timings such as peak hours, which is especially useful for our clients in the service industry. This is so because it allows for a good estimate of how long a queue takes to form, subsequently allowing for the viewing of how it clears up eventually. Hence, making time-lapse one of our best-used techniques to date.

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