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"Explore the potential of specifically placed televised units and the usage of interactive displays with us."

Community Clubs

Locations play an integral role in how effective your advertisements are going to be. Community Clubs are a great direction to go in if you are looking to extend your reach to target family audiences in general. Advertisements such as new recreational classes (martial arts, flower arrangement, cooking, dancing, etc. etc.) as well as information on upcoming community activities are most effective in this case. Sometimes, slides are specially broadcasted to aid in directing the crowd on days where a huge event is being held too.

With our kiosks being strategically placed at common waiting areas where people are more likely to be fixated onto any broadcasting screens, getting your target audience's attention is straightforward and simple.


Office Building

Depending on your target audience, because office buildings are where the working class spends majority of their time on weekdays, commonplaces such as lift lobbies are where advertisements on family and working events will be. Even in large companies where their displays are placed in their office units, a showcase of their advertisements is usually on loop. This is so as to give an insight and quick-view of their successes to potential business partners.


Usually fast-paced with large hoards of crowds passing by, roadshows are a great place to advertise if your campaigns are targeted at anyone and everyone. As such, people passing by are the ones most likely to have their attention captured by your content. Most beneficial for the companies involved in the roadshow, the displays work to serve them in crowd-pulling and give them an edge over their competitors. Because the human eye is naturally drawn to content that is mobile (videos), it also helps that their staff are stationed there to efficiently answer any queries the public may have.