Large Format Printing

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"Long-term advertising solutions, made easy."

Poster Rolls

Features and Benefits

  • Durable - weatherproof options available

  • Wall stickers double up as a design for plain walls

  • Replaceable every few years, making it value for money

  • Compared to digital signages, stickers will always be there (devices only work when switched on)

  • Does NOT need to always be changed/switched up if you prefer

  • More cost-effective than paint jobs in some cases

As much as digital solutions are gaining popularity for their efficiency, sometimes posters and stickers are what get the job done. For advertising spaces such as plain walls, company vehicles, residential lift lobbies and such, the "traditional" posters are still very much depended on. 

At Prisma, we have designed for spaces of sizes ranging from the side of a company van door, to a 4m-high wall. The stickers are designed for indoor and outdoor events, depending on your requirements and needs and can be customised to go over certain spaces - making them an ideal solution for walls that are not able to fit large digital displays.

Make the switch from print to digital today with Prisma.