Interactive Games System

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"Display, capture, and communicate.

Entertainment meets engagement in the palm of your hand."

Image by Spencer Imbrock

Features and Benefits

  • Interactive games will not run out of style - always applicable in the market 

  • Suitable for businesses and audiences of all ages

  • Warranty available for hardware, troubleshooting for software made available by our technical team

  • Variety of games made readily and easily available 

  • Hardware placement mostly out of reach - not as accessible to passersby 

  • Easy-to-play games allow for maximum engagement 

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Oculus Quest 2

Step into the future with us.
Introducing Oculus Quest 2, the most advanced all-in-one VR system yet.


Looking for rental and event services?

As technology advances, different marketing techniques have also been created and implemented throughout the years. One of the more evident examples we are seeing an increase of is the usage of interactive games to connect and engage with the target audience. Initially used as a way of capturing attention, interactive games can now also be developed to convey a company's message, or even to provide insights on important societal messages, i.e. being environmentally friendly.  

Our system consists of using a projector as a way of interacting with the masses through games created to be played against a wall, or floor. You will be able to choose from an array of pre-existing games from the system such as soccer, musical keyboard, neon light shows, and more. There is also an option of customising your own game, which is more popular amongst our clients looking to host large-scale events over a longer period of time. 

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