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"Customise your very own designs to convey a message and showcase your unique corporate identity. Bring your ideas to fruition with us."

As businesses begin to look into other advertising methods such as a digital channel, the need for aesthetically-pleasing products is becoming increasingly apparent as well. At Prisma, we believe in value adding your business with designs catered to suit your specific industry as well as entice your target audience. We have festive posters and e-mail signatures for televised and corporate use in offices, canteens, Community Clubs, etc. etc. We also specialise in designing posters for digital displays, e-flyers, as well as artwork for brochures - just to name a few.

Creative sign-offs such as festive wishes and graphic designs in general are becoming more popular as people continue to seek a personal touch in working environments. For example, while hampers and floral stands are a great way of showing continued support and appreciation to a business partner, including a banner in your e-mail signature easily creates a longer lasting impression.

If you require more information regarding the sale and customisation of our works for your company's usage, feel free to send in an enquiry via our contact pageOur designs can also be done up to include your company's name/logo, or even to facilitate registering for an upcoming event, depending on your needs and purposes.

You may find designs we use for our personal office displays and e-mail signatures below.

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