Audio Video Systems

"Project important announcements, host full-scale events, and broadcast your sound with ease using professional systems."

Microphone Closeup


Wireless or not, we have them. For professional studio set-ups, or one-off events. 

The microphones are able to be integrated into a complete sound system as well, forming a professional Public Announcement system suitable for making large-scale broadcasts.


Commercial TVs

We have TVs that are meant solely for displaying announcements or simply to be used during meetings as large display screens.

Alternatively, some of the models we carry have softwares built in them to allow you to broadcast advertisements as well as live channels simultaneously.

Professional Sound Mixer


Combine multiple sounds from different outputs into one or more channels. Some of the models we carry come with amplifiers as well.

Adjust tone quality, improve sound dynamics, allow for deeper bass tones, and more - customisable for each different setting be it a concert, or simple announcements.

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LCD Panel Displays

Multiple units of LCD panels are put together to create a canvas. 

Customisable based on sizing requirements, these displays are high definition and give an illusion of one large screen. Great for retail displays utilising videos as their main form of marketing.

Home Theater Speakers


We have ceiling speakers, cabinet speakers, horn or column speakers and more. 

The models we carry are suitable for studio usage as well as larger amphitheatre broadcasting, it all just depends on your requirements.

Large Plasma


Some of the various projectors we carry are interactive, have a dual-display option, and also feature an iProjection app for mobile devices

With our variety, we are able to set everything up for a conference which uses both visual and audio aspects, or even solely focus on just the visual aspects such as for meetings.

Whether you need to reach out to an audience, or need a professional set-up for an upcoming event, you can rely on Prisma to help. With a series of projectors, microphones, speakers, mixers, amplifiers and more, we are able to construct sound and broadcasting systems that will most suit your needs. By system integrations, we are able to set everything up for a conference which uses both visual and audio aspects, or even solely focus on just the audio aspects such as for public announcements; sound entertainment for events.

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